365 Days of Happiness – August 18, 2017

What do you love right now?

Ask yourself this question first thing waking up, and last thing before you fall asleep. And then every hour during your day. Set a “love reminder” alarm for it.

When the alarm goes off, choose something that you love right then and there. Focus on your amazing feeling of loving the chosen “it”. Stay in this “love feeling” for the next hour. At the next alarm, choose something new that you love right then and there. And on you go…

Your love could be for the sun when you wake up. The coffee, a song, your chair or a smile during your day. And your comfy pillow at night. Whatever sparks your love right then and there is perfect.

Practicing this and making it your routine will constantly shift you, and keep you in a frequency of “high for life”. It will train you to feel happy all the time!

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