365 Days of Happiness – August 9, 2017


Every twist comes with a powerful and complex energy that vibrates in a frequency of “infinite new possibilities”.

Twists are amazing catalysts to get something jump started, awakened, expanded and changed. Twists represent turns, bends and new ways. Twists initiate flexibility and a stretched presence. Twists help to detox, flush out and let go. But yet, twists are playful and gentle. What a powerful mix of energy! Consciously feel this!

Since everything is connected, every twist you take while being conscious about it, will shift you to that powerful energy of that twist.

So let’s get twisting…

  • Physical body: Twist your body with yoga, exercise, or go dance and twist. Consciously feel every twist and how your body and energy shifts!
  • Mind and Thoughts:  Twist with all that is new. Especially all new and different that is not your usual. Read, see, hear, taste and smell anything new that comes into your awareness. Twist in harmony with that new, and consciously feel how your mind and thoughts open up and expand. New thoughts and possibilities are born that way!
  • Spirit and Feelings: Twist with different and new meditations, teachings, music, literature and practices. Twist things up and enjoy the enrichment of your feelings, combined with the deepening and expansion of your spiritual being. Consciously feel this!

Also visualize…

  • Imagine yourself sitting on the ground, twisting your body, feeling how delicious and freeing this feels. Feel your shift!
  • Imagine twisting your mind. First twist it deep to the right, pause for a bit. See, hear, taste, feel and smell how different and beautiful it is on your far right. Let all visions and inspirations flow freely. Come back to the middle. Now twist it deep to the left, rest there for a bit.  See, hear, taste, feel and smell how different and amazing it is on your far left. Let all your insights flow freely. Come back to your middle. Feel how your mind and thoughts expanded. Wow!
  • Imagine twisting your spiritual and energetic being. Twist to the left, then to the right, and up and down. Let all new feelings and spiritual awakenings flow through you. Feel that your consciousness expands and deepens on every level. Breathe and enjoy!

Also notice all the twists around you. In bakery goods, candies, paintings, in crafting and clothing stores and in nature. Acknowledge the twists, and tune into the powerful energy mix of those twists. Then consciously feel your shift.

Enjoy twisting!

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