365 Days of Happiness – August 8, 2017

Be clear!

Create a YES or NO day! That is a day where no maybe, no probably, no perhaps and certainly no “I don’t know” has any space to even exist.

That cuts out a huge load of second guessing, overthinking, “what if” problem creating, and being stuck. Imagine all the extra energy you have available to be your crazy you today!

Every decision, choice and question that comes for you today, answer from deep within you, with either a YES or NO. And if you can’t clearly say YES, it’s naturally a NO. No need to think it through with every cell you have. It’s all very simple and clear.

So here we go…

  • Does it feel good for you, yes or no?
  • Does this food energize you, yes or no?
  • Do you want some chocolate, yes or no?
  • Do you need rest, yes or no?
  • Is this kindness, yes or no?
  • Are you happy, yes or no?
  • Do you want to do laundry, yes or no?
  • Do you like what is going on, yes or no?

Take all that clarity you gain from your YES or NO day, and make the appropriate changes. Some happenings you can change right there on the spot. Some you can start to change now, knowing it is a process. And some you can’t change. But with the clarity you gained, you can change how you perceive it, which lets you say YES to it.


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