365 Days of Happiness – August 2, 2017

Think highly and discover!

Pick something or someone you think very highly of. For instance a family member, coworker, friend, historical figure or famous person. Or something like the sky, moon or sun, water, animals, the universe.

Here comes the big question! Why do you think so highly of the chosen? What qualities do you admire in the chosen? Pause for a minute and make a mental list.

Now take your list and and go through every single admiration. For example… “I admire the pure peace and calm of the chosen.” Feel this! And then say or think “I have the same quality, I admire the pure peace and calm in me.” Take as much time as feels good to go through your admiration list. Really feel this beautiful shift that is taking place in you.

Admiration is your helpful tool to put the spotlight on what you are not seeing or feeling in you. Because every single quality that you admire in something or someone, you already have and you already ARE.

So next time you find yourself thinking highly of someone, know that this is your awakening to a quality that is already in you, ready to be discovered.

Happy self-admiration discovery!

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