365 Days of Happiness – July 31, 2017

“I am grateful!”

Saying and thinking “I am grateful!” shifts you automatically into a favorable and “all that IS, is enough” state. Consciously feeling this shift, harmonizes your feelings, without making one good and the other bad. It all just IS.

And being in a frequency of gratitude opens up all gates for you to connect with the beauty of your amazing experience called life.


  • First thing when you wake up, and last thing before you fall asleep, think and say what you are grateful for. Feel it!
  • During your new day, say and think “I am grateful…!” often. Fill in the blanks with what IS right then and there for you. Feel it!
  • Make it a joyous practice and sing it, hum it, smile it. See and hear all the gratefulness. Feel it!
  • Tell everyone and everything around you how grateful you are for them. Feel it!
  • Become aware of all the gratefulness of others around you, join into that gratefulness movement. Feel it!

Make it a priority to be a gratefulness creator, spreader, instigator and inspirer!

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