365 Days of Happiness – July 27, 2017

Picture this:

You, lighting a candle while talking to someone and thinking about work. And once the candle is lit, you look at it for a second thinking “that’s pretty”, and then go make dinner.

Now picture this:

You lighting a candle consciously. You are present with the candle, its flame and the match. You are aware of your hands holding the match, your eyes seeing the candle, your nose smelling the burning match and your ears hearing the sizzling of the match. Your thoughts and feelings are present in right now. Once the candle is lit you sit and stay with the candle, just as the candle stays with you. You two spend quality time together. You watch its flame. You start chit chatting with the candle and its flame about life, the universe and more. And you have some real good laughs together. You realize that at this moment, you, this candle and its flame is all you were ever searching for, and has all answers, understanding and peace you ever wished for. You know and feel that life IS this candle and its flame. Right now.

Life IS whatever you are doing right now, with whatever or whomever you are right now. Be it brewing a tea, making a meal, cleaning your house, working, driving, spending time with people, taking a shower, grocery shopping or finding a rock while walking. Right now IS life and right now contains everything for you. So BE conscious!


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