365 Days of Happiness – July 22, 2017

Food and You, are Best Friends Forever!

Here is why…

  • Think what a BFF does for you… A BFF makes your heart happy and nourished. Makes you feel supported, loved and beautiful. A best friend forever creates a team with you, only wants the best for you, and is always there for you.
  • Think what you do for a BFF… You are supportive and create a team together. You are loving, understanding, listening, attentive and patient. You only want the best for your BFF and you are always there, no matter what.


  • Think what food is meant to do for you… Food is meant to support you, nourish you and make you feel happy, loved and beautiful. Food is meant to create a team with your physical body, only wanting the best for you, and always be there for you.
  • Think about what you are supposed to do for food… You are suppose to support food and create a team together. Be loving, listening, understanding, attentive and patient with it. Wanting only the best for it, and always consciously be there with food.

Now comes the tough question of truth…

Is that the exchange you create with the food you are putting into your body? Is that how you feel about the food you are eating? Is that how you behave towards food in general? Is the food you are indulging in bringing the qualities of a BFF into your body?

Thinking of and treating the food you indulge in consciously as your BFF, means you make “eating” a beautiful exchange of gratitude, love, support, and nourishment. Which is only fitting for such a sacred exchange.

Don’t you think so?

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a fantastic day with your food – BFF!


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