365 Days of Happiness – July 18, 2017

Feel it!

Your feelings are messengers of your heart. And your heart is your beautiful and precious home of your soul, spirit, light, conscious, higher self or however you love to call yourself.

When you feel something and consciously acknowledge what your feelings are, you gain very pure understanding of yourself.

So, don’t just wake up in the morning, feel yourself waking up. Don’t just talk, feel what you say. Don’t just think, feel your thoughts. Don’t just taste your food, feel it. Don’t just hear and listen to the music, feel it. Don’t just smell or touch something, feel it. Don’t just walk, feel yourself walking. And don’t just see what comes into your awareness, feel it.

All those feelings, no matter if angry of joyous, are potent information and wisdom about you. They are all messengers of your heart.

So get busy feeling! And love all you feel!

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