365 Days of Happiness – July 14, 2017

Are you (mostly) living in your comfort zone?

Answer this first and then read on…

If you answered yes, you are not experiencing your life to the fullest. Because new and different does not lay in your comfort zone. New ways, new views, new opportunities, new chances, new ideas, new feelings, new healing, new love, new happiness, new joy, new anything IS always outside of your comfort zone.

Not saying that you have to leave your comfort zone completely and cold turkey. But leave it every day for as long and as much as you can. More and more choose new and different, over same old, same old. Choose what makes you nervous and uncomfortable, over what already IS comfortable.

Soon enough change, adventure and excitement take over your life. Things that you never dreamed of will happen for you. Your horizon becomes infinite and with that your wonderful being can shine in a way you never knew is possible.

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