365 Days of Happiness – July 4, 2017

Be the Queen or King! Because your throne is yours to sit in, and your kingdom is ready for you and needs you.

In this story, the King or Queen represents your physical you. The throne represents your deepest inner being, your spirit-being. And your kingdom is your life.

So let’s get this story going…

Close your eyes and visualize you showing up as the regal Queen or King you are. Majestically take your seat in your grand throne. You are ready and capable to rule and protect your kingdom. Feel this!


  • The words King and Queen come with a regal, majestic, grand, tall, luxurious, ruling and powerfully energy.
  • The word kingdom comes with an majestic, empowered, large, strong and successful energy.
  • The word throne comes with an “in charge”, rich, magnificently beautiful energy.

Add all the energies these words mean to you, and you got a potent energetic power house. Because you saying, feeling, thinking, seeing and hearing these words shifts you to these energies, which elevates you to vibrate in such a frequency. And I think you all know what is possible in such a frequency. Magic!

And its fun to be King and Queen! Joy creation guaranteed!

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