365 Days of Happiness – July 3, 2017

Lets talk about peace!

Imagine you are standing in a delicious Ice Cream parlor. You are surrounded by infinite amounts of wonderful ice cream. And you really really want ice cream. But there you are, looking at your phone in search for an Ice Cream parlor out there. Silly, right?

Searching for peace out there is just as silly.

Because you ARE already peace and peace IS already you! Your being is the presence of peace. And since you are right here, peace is right here!

This is the most beautiful package deal ever!

To consciously become aware of your peace… Take a pause, close your eyes and tune into your heart, light, spirit, soul, divine essence, or however you love to call your true, deepest and most sacred being. Say or think “I AM peace!” Breathe, and feel the peace you ARE!

Be peace, and consciously shift back, if you become aware that you have left.

And just to be clear… Yes, Ice Cream IS peace and peace IS Ice Cream. So feel free to indulge into Ice Cream (or anything else that IS peaceful to you) and really feel its peace! Be inspired by it!

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