365 Days of Happiness – June 30, 2017

When are you happiest?

  • While being active or inactive?
  • While moving or being still?
  • While being busy or unbusy?
  • While being quiet or loud?
  • While talking or in silence?
  • While being at home or out and about?
  • While being alone, with family, with friends or with lots of people?

Find your sweet spot when you feel at your best happiness. Now go live it!

For instance, I am at my best happiness when I am active, moving and out and about. I plan my days mostly like that. Because I know that is when I am at my fullest potential of happiness and my inspirations flow easy. Of course rest and quiet are needed, so I create that in little pieces here and there throughout my day. And then back to being active and adventurous.

When are you really happiest?

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