365 Days of Happiness – June 23, 2017

“I am over the moon happy and excited for you!”

Being happy and excited for others, about whatever is going great for them, creates amazing energy for them and in you.

For example, I never really listen to the radio in the car, but today I did. And it was clear why. A person called into the station and won a trip to Paris. Wow! The overjoy that resonated from that caller and the excitement that vibrated from the radio studio was absolutely spectacular. It overflowed to each and everyone listening. And I was one of them… I was gifted this powerful overjoy and excitement, which I openly received with gratitude. To top things off, I added my own “over the moon” happiness for the winner onto the already existing joy. Just imagine, me shooting like a rocket, straight upward into a frequency of “high for life”. Fantastic!

Your excitement and happiness for others can be anything. You can be excited for someone making the subway train just in time before the doors close. Or be happy for the flowers, showing their beauty with blooming now. Or be excited for the person that forks in a bite of delicious chocolate cake. There are a million reasons in every second to be happy, overjoyed and excited for others.

Create magic for them and in you!

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