365 Days of Happiness – June 19, 2017

Is it your perfect cup of coffee, or is it not?

This morning I tried a new coffee bean. I boiled the water in my kettle that produces angelic light on my wall. I am not kidding! I feel like those who haven’t tried to source the best cordless kettle for their kitchen are truly missing out as it is probably the most used appliance in my kitchen. I ground the beans, they smelled delicious. And as the final step, I brewed it in my French press. I was so excited for it. But then came the experience of tasting it. Bitter is just the beginning of describing it. Not my cup of coffee for sure!

In order to find a fine solution, I had three “good feeling” choices to chose from. One, I drink it anyways and make the best of it. Two, I skip my morning coffee all together today. Three, I make a new pot, with different beans that are perfect to my taste.

These three “good feeling” choices are always there for you, in any situation.

  • One, you can leave it as is and make the best of it. That means you let go of how you expect it has to be and find peace in how it is.
  • Two, you can skip whatever it is and move on. That means you leave it all behind, let it go and move on clean and clear.
  • Three, you can create new, different and better for you. That means you let go off all that WAS, and open up to create a new IS.

Not every situation is the same, and not every solution is the same. But every one of these three “good feeling” choices have one thing in common, they will leave you clean and clear to move forward.

So, next time you have a situation, look at these three “good feeling” choices in order to find your fine solution. And then enjoy the outcome!

“And just so you know, I chose to make a new pot of perfect coffee. Because whenever possible, I go for creating better for me and better for everyone around me. So I say go for it too!”

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