365 Days of Happiness – June 16, 2017

Let it be and let it be released!

Close your eyes and breathe into your inner being. Breathe slow and deep. In and out. Feel yourself!

Now scan (feel) your whole body. Start in front at your crown, and move down towards your feet. And then scan the back of your body, start at your crown down towards your feet.

Feel anything there IS. Pain, soreness, tightness, sadness, anger, jealousy, love, joy and happiness. Don’t judge and don’t fix, just feel and let it be.

Let all your thoughts that come in happen. Don’t judge and don’t fix. Just let them be. If it feels good to you, imagine that if one though comes in, another goes out.

Feel your energy. Is it still or moving around. Is it wide or narrow? Is it tingling or flowing? Is it light or heavy? Don’t judge and don’t fix. Just feel and let it be.

Becoming aware of all there IS in your body, mind and spirit without judging or fixing anything, means that all that IS can BE.

And with shifting to the awareness of what IS, and gaining the understanding that all can BE, you will enter a very peaceful and sacred state. Naturally, in that state, is where all your non-fitting which IS, can be released peacefully and with grace.

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