365 Days of Happiness – June 15, 2017

Trust and then create!

Trust in yourself. Trust in your journey. Trust that you are giving your best. Trust that you are taken care of. Trust that you are loved and guided. Trust that you deserve. Trust that you are beautiful and healthy. Trust in all of life. And trust in the universal energy, however your heart calls it.

Focus on your trust with closing your eyes and saying or thinking “I trust!” Really feel what this initiates in you. Practice this many times in your day.

Now go have fun and create!

Create love and happiness. Create new friendships. Create fun and joy. Create delicious food. Create new ways to love your family and friends. Create new exciting work. Create art, music, poetry. Create play. Create smiles and laughter. Create relaxation and peace. Create a new look for you. Create new ideas. Create beauty everywhere. Create yourself a magnificent life.

To open yourself up to create, close your eyes and say or think “I am a potent creator!” Really feel what this initiates in you. Practice this often in your day.

Trust sets you free to create with a pure heart. Creating through a pure heart means you create for your higher good. And all that goodness will be shared with everyone and everything around you. Wonderful!

Imagine that “trust and create” dance in harmony together. And when both are lived to the fullest, they create harmony in you. And harmony is happiness.

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