365 Days of Happiness – June 10, 2017

What could you embrace in your life right now, which you see, feel, hear and think of as a problem?

Embracing does not mean you don’t desire change anymore. It simply means you open yourself up to what is, and shift to a calm inner acceptance, respect, gratitude and love for what is.

Embracing one problem at a time also means you remove one resistance at a time. And being resistance free means you are in alignment with what is. And we all know that being in alignment means you are open to receive the miracles that are for you.

Embracing your problems will either dissolve them, or shift you in a state where you can see them as blessings. And who knows, you might even become best buddies with them.

Embrace and experience how life embraces you!

It’s one big bear hug! Enjoy!

Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Embrace it!

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