365 Days of Happiness – June 9, 2017

Fill your tanks to the brim first! And then make them overflow…

Imagine you have a love tank, a happiness tank, a nutrition tank, a sleep tank, a peace tank etc. And these tanks must be refilled fresh, all the time and little by little. Because you use them up with living. If they get low, you don’t feel good. If you keep them full, you feel great. And if you keep them overflowing, you feel spectacular, and have way too much. Best abundance ever!

I think you all know how to fill your tanks, but here is a tiny reminder… By taking exceptional care of yourself with self love, nutrition, sleep, exercise, meditation, nature time, laughter, feeling good and being happy.

Now, if you take care of others while your tanks are low, you run yourself even lower. Not a good feeling at all. And not a pure way to help, because you create resistance for yourself and others.

If you take care of others while your tanks are full, you absolutely are capable of helping. But you are using energetic content inside of your tanks that is meant for you to feel great. Doable, but not a pure way to help either. Because you can still create resistance for yourself and others this way.

But if you take care of others with your overflow, you are helping with what you have too much of. And even though you created this overflow, it is not yours anymore. It overflowed your tank and is not needed or used. It is free and up for giving and taking. Which means the helped one can accept it without any resistance attached. That is the most beautiful way of helping, because it is pure.

And hey, you just go on and create more to fill up and overflow again and again…

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