365 Days of Happiness – June 7, 2017

Have an intention setting “chit-chat” with yourself while enjoying your morning coffee.

Ask yourself “What and how do I want to feel today?” Keep it simple and trust what you hear. Now set your intention to feel accordingly. Think your intention, say it, draw it or write it down in a journal. It always intensifies, if brought to life on paper.

Next, close your eyes and visualize yourself feeling how you intend to feel today. Imagine how happy you are in this feeling. Feel this and stay here as long as you wish.

Great job! You just shifted yourself into the energy you are in need of. That means, you are now vibrating in a frequency of your perfect alignment. Feels wonderful, doesn’t it?

Now it is time to go live, and experience this “on stage” of your new creation play-day. So exciting!

Keep checking in with yourself often and become mindful of how you are feeling. Is it fitting with your set intention? If yes, keep rocking, you are doing fabulous. And if not, pull yourself back into your intended feeling with traveling back in time to your morning “chit-chat” and visualization. Feel it and relive it fresh. And there you have it, you arrived in your intention again…

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