365 Days of Happiness – June 5, 2017

Let’s co-create goodness with confetti today!

Confetti are great, because they already vibrate as an energy of celebration, happiness and play. They are vibrant!

Imagine you have unlimited confetti available. Every time you open up your hands, they fill up with confetti for you to throw up high into the air. And while flying high, they bless everything and everyone until they touch down. Once on the ground, they dissolve into mother earth and bless her with goodness.

But before the fun begins, you shall program your confetti with compassionate goodness. Like love, joy, happiness, abundance, health, playfulness… Choose what feels right for you to spread.

So every time you visualize your handful of confetti, imagine infusing them with the compassion you like to spread. Once they are filled to the brim, smile and throw them high up into the air, towards everything and everyone around you. If you like, blow them further…

Practice this with your family, in your home, while walking to work, at work, in the subway or driving your car. Do this with your eyes open, so you get to see how you and all else just shifted to goodness. Feel this!

We have this incredible super-power imagination in us. With that imagination you can create anything, no limits. And all our creations are energy, which is spread and shared with all.

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