Co-Creating “High For Life Feelings”

I felt like I just won the lottery the other day. I was “over the moon happy” and abundantly wanted to hug the whole world. And all because I made the orange traffic light at an intersection that takes forever to turn green again.

It really surprised me to have co-created this feeling with this traffic light. Because I am usually a very relaxed driver, that rather notices all the beauty out there in nature. I am the “Oh look at the sky, it is one of a kind beautiful today” for the millionth-time-type.

I also caught myself wondering if I might have felt that way with traffic lights before? But was not conscious about it. Finally, while going back and forth in all these million thoughts, I realized that I just needed to take a “chill-pill” and not waste any more time with thinking about this feeling. All I needed to do was simply feel it, stay with it and enjoy it.

So there I was, driving down the road, smiling. Filled with this amazing high flying feeling and vibrating in a “high for life winner frequency”. And of course thanking this orange light for sharing its energy with me, and activating this “winner” feeling. I loved it and obviously was in need of exactly just that.

I went on to copy it into and onto everything for the rest of my new day.” I just made another green light, I am a winner! I got my daughter on time to campus, we are both winners! I love my passion that I call work, I am a winner! We enjoy where we live, my whole family is a winner!” I made everything a winning event and everyone a winner. I spread this winning feeling to everything and everyone around me.

That got me thinking…

How many times a day do we feel an amazing feeling, but don’t notice it, take it as normal, get caught up in the why or think ourselves out of it? Even tough this amazing feeling is ready for us, ours to feel and exactly what we need.

For me it was this traffic light. I am sure where you are there is something similar… Maybe catching the subway train right when you run down the stairs. Buying the last bread in the store. Or simply just feeling like a winner when you enjoy where you live. But this is really about all “high flying feelings” that are activated in you with many encounters in your day. The winner one is just an example.

Put focus on living consciously in the now. This means you are able to notice your high flying feelings when they happen. Really feel them and enjoy. Then go multiply them and share with everything and everyone around you.

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