365 Days of Happiness – May 30, 2017

Be gentle with yourself, everything and everyone around you!

The best starting point to be gentle with yourself is to say or think “I accept, respect, thank and love all my feelings and thoughts I have right now.” Feel how you shift into an unconditional “It’s all OK!” frequency. That is where gentleness can be felt.

Next, look into the ever so healing mirror. See your kind eyes, your soft skin, your pleasant smile and your whole compassionate kindhearted being. Practice looking at yourself through your gentle eyes and “accept, respect, thank and love” your whole gentle being as is. Breathe and feel this!

Then initiate gentleness with putting on gentle clothing and shoes, eating gentle food and drinking gentle drinks. If unsure, ask yourself “What is gentle for me today?”

Practice gentleness with loving exercise, meditation, a foam bath, listening to gentle music or enjoying a gentle movie. Hang out with a furry friend and feel their gentleness. Hug a soft stuffed animal. And surround yourself with gentle people.

Notice all gentleness everywhere around you. In people’s faces and actions, in gentle fabrics, colors and lights in stores or at work. In gentle sights, scents, sounds and words.

Or do it the yummy way and visit a high-end dessert store. Enter and immediately be shifted to a frequency of gentleness just with looking at all the gently created sweet treats. And if you decide to indulge in one, or two, or three of them, you will not only fill yourself with their gentleness, but also with the gentleness of the artist that created them. Gentle-lishious!

Without doubt, focusing on gentleness shifts you to your frequency of your own gentleness. And yes, everyone has their beautiful gentle side.

But here is why this is an enormous healing opportunity… In the frequency of gentleness, your heart opens up big and wide, and such an open heart combined with one’s gentleness holds infinite self-healing wisdom and capabilities. Your gentleness can heal your inner child, heal yourself towards your unconditional self-love, heal your relationships with others, heal your physical pains and heal all your feelings that are in such a need of acceptance, respect, gratitude and love by you.

Gentleness is magic!

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