365 Days of Happiness – May 26, 2017

Celebrate a “clarity creating” relationship with your opinions!

Opinions are a positive “clarity creating” tool. Opinions will help you to get to know yourself better and see clearly where a change is in order.

Practice creating a strong opinion with asking yourself all the time “Does this fit for me, or does this not fit for me?” This is also a great practice for kids to form their own fitting opinions and find clarity for themselves.

The only time opinions shift to negative energy is when judgments are mixed into the opinion. For example, “I don’t like this music, it’s just not for me.” That is a great “clarity creating” opinion. But, “I don’t like this music, because it is horrible and not real music.” That turns the positive “clarity creating” opinion into a negativity spreading judgment. It means that you just created resistance and negativity in you, which overrules the positiveness of your opinion. And even though the artist and fans are not physically present with you, the negativity will spread to them as well. Because energetically we are all connected through the energetic pool in which this negativity is floating in.

Also, anytime we judge someone or something we also judge ourselves. We are all the same, we are all made out of the same, and we all have whatever we judge in others also in us. This is where “Love it all!” becomes the only truth there is.

Now, if in this opinion forming practice you find clarity about some non-fitting happenings in your life, change the ones you can change right now. And the ones that you can’t change right away, bless them with  “I accept, respect, thank and love them for what they are.” Find the best in them as they are right now, and witness that because you are in love with them, your much needed change arrives anyways.

Love changes everything and life is an ever changing experience.

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