Psyching Yourself Out And A Recovery Plan

I regard my “365 Days of Happiness” blog as my absolute dear to my heart baby. It is my bliss to write it.

I always think about happiness and energy healing. I live, feel, see and hear it with every single cell of mine. But happiness was not always the material I am mostly made of, there were other times when I got lots of good practice to shift myself back to happiness from a rather deep unhappy place. That is why I got so solid in feeling happiness. However, some people struggle to find happiness and often benefit from professional help when trying to find their inner self and energy. Others like to take it one step further and become a proffesional themselves. Its a lot easier for people who train to become a yoga teacher to find their happiness, as they can use what they learn in their training to help provide healing energy. If this is somehting you are interested in check out these advanced yoga teacher training courses. People argue that these courses really help people connect with their energy and heal unhappiness, they can then go on to teach others about such techniques and help those around them. This is something you might want to consider if you are struggling with your emotional state and feel you would benefit from some yoga. Although there are other ways to try and help your energy heal and make you happy, you just need to research which is the best method for you.

I have overcome this period in my life, so I know that it is possible to feel happiness every day. I also know through experience that in happiness lay all answers. Because when I am happy, my heart is open, and my open heart carries all the wisdom I will ever need to figure myself out. If I know how to shift to my happiness and practice it, I will always know who I really am. And with that, I live a life that I am happy living.

Not to mention all the happiness I spread to everyone and everything around me with being happy every day.

Happiness is never absent, it is always right there, available for me to shift to. Or I can use my super-power and create it at any time I wish to feel happy. But the trick is that every day is different. And with that, my effort, tactic and opportunities to shift to my happiness are different too. Also, happiness comes in many shapes and sizes, there is not just one type of happiness, there are bazillions.

It seems that happiness is best to be joined on a day-by-day basis, rather than a strict commitment of “I will be happy for the rest of my life.”

Once I understood this, it became clear that there is always a way to be happy, every day. I just have tune in with what happiness means to me today, and then stay flowing with the shift to my happiness.

That is how my inspiration to write the “365 Days of Happiness” blog got started a long while back.

So on New Year’s Eve 2016-2017, I finally made a commitment with a glass of sparkly prosecco in my hand. Which made this a real contract. That I will make a conscious effort every day, to not only do my “round-the-clock” thinking about happiness and energy healing, but also write a blog about it. And share my happiness wisdom on my website and start a Facebook group/community.

I had many “why-s” on my mind:

  • Happiness is my life style
  • I unconditionally believe in happiness
  • I want to consciously think about it every day, instead of just loosely “always” think about it
  • I want to start writing that huge amount of metaphysical happiness wisdom down, instead of storing it all in my mind, like I have been doing
  • If I write every day, it can turn into a book after “365 Days of Happiness” arrives at 365 days written
  • I want to share this healing “happiness education”, because it might help others to find happiness every day as well
  • This all makes me happy and follows my hearts desire

On January 1, 2017 my “365 Days of Happiness” blog was born! My first blogs were rather simple, comfortable, short and on the safe side. It felt like I stuck my neck out with a slow and safe motion to get a feel for this. But soon I could not restrain myself anymore. Because I had so much more to say.

If you know me or worked with me in private sessions before, you know exactly what I am talking about. I have my “freaky” wisdom-way, hint the name “FreakyHealer”.

The more comfortable I got with sharing the simple happiness tools, the more I shifted to sharing what wisdom I really have stored in my heart and soul since many years. The flood gate opened up and the “365 Days of Happiness” blog metamorphosed into a much longer and deeper every day “happiness education”.

So day by day I pour my heart out to you about what I need, what you need and what the world needs on that new day. With the goal to inspire you to live “happiness” and spread it to everyone and everything around you.

On most days my happiness wisdom comes easy, makes sense and is a piece of cake for me. All sweet and delicious, because it flows from my heart.

But some days are very different. Those are the days when I literally “psych myself out” and then talk myself out of writing these happiness blogs. I tell myself they are not good enough and nobody wants to read them, little own practice what I write about. Then I go on to think that since not many people comment on them, the interest is small to nothing. I think myself further and further away from my “Follow your heart and just do it!” frequency, until I arrive at a place called “Just give up!”

I am sure you all know what I am talking about.

That is usually when I realize that my old non-fitting programming and beliefs run my show. I move into “I accept, respect, thank and love this downward spiral as a great practice opportunity.” And with a regal smile, I work on snapping out of this nonsense as fast or even faster than I got there.

I go into my super-speed recovery gear and think myself back to my “Follow your heart and just do it!” frequency with reminding myself why I got inspired to write the “365 Days of Happiness” blogs in the first place.

Which was that first and foremost it makes me happy and it follows my hearts desire. And that right there makes it good enough! Second, I consciously want to think about happiness and I want to write it all down. Third, I want to share it as a “happiness education” inspiration for all. And fourth, once finished I want to turn it into a book.

Then I tell myself “Eyes on the prize happiness lady! You are doing this for you! Since it makes you happy, keep it up! And all your readers are a wonderful add-on gift, so you have an audience right now. No matter how big of an audience and no matter how many comments there are. And just saying… Who knows, maybe your blogs are so exceptionally good, that there is simply nothing to add to it.” Positive humor at its best 🙂

Then I feel myself into what writing these “365 Days of Happiness” blogs mean for me… Every day they shift my consciousness consistently to a profound healing frequency that completes any healing work I have done in my past and am doing now. They enrich my soul and my being as a woman, wife, mom, friend, healer, light creator and spiritual teacher. They intensify my gift and passion for metaphysical wisdom and healing to an enormous extend.

So step by step, with thinking my truth, I pull myself back into my “Follow your heart and just do it!” frequency. That is where my heart, my light and my love lives. And with doing so, it becomes unquestionably clear to me, that the only right thing for me to do is to keep writing the “365 Days of Happiness” blogs. Until I shift and something else becomes my hearts desire!

I am sharing this with you in the hopes to inspire you to “Follow your heart and just do it!” And if you catch yourself running on your old programming/believes of “Just give up!”, give it your best smile and get back on track trough thinking your truth. Do it with regalness and pride. And be assured that every time you get back to your truth, you erase the old bit by bit, and record your new fitting programming and believes you choose to be your truth.

Thank you for being with me!

With the happiest love for you!

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