365 Days of Happiness – May 25, 2017

To shower everyone and everything with huge compliments and praise!

Giving out compliments and praise causes a ripple effect into every direction. The ripples coming back to you will clear away any feelings of anger, frustration, envy, resentfulness or other resistance you have towards a person or situation. And we all know that in the land of “least or no” resistance is where all magic lives. The ripples moving outward to the side and forward will spread your kindness and create “feel good” energy for others, and most likely they pay it forward to more others.

Make your compliments and praise huge, because the bigger the compliments and praise, the bigger the ripples.

But most, I want to tempt you to compliment and praise especially the people that seem to be the hardest for you to deal with, and the situations you barely can stand. Try to compliment and praise them huge and without limits. Now witness the enormous change you initiate with doing so.

And of course don’t forget to compliment and praise yourself, because that is where all creation of “feel good” energy must start. So make it gigantic!

Change your life and someone else’s life with huge compliments and praise!

You are all magnificently awesome super stars 🙂


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