365 Days of Happiness – May 24, 2017

Move, move and move some more!

Consciously be aware of all the movement in and around you today and really feel it all moving.

And then go move your body and create flexibility, move your mind to new thoughts and gain “open-mindness”, move your expectations and attract new opportunities, move your eyes and gain a different view.

Move your routine and shake things up. Move to new territory and leave your comfort zone. Move your furniture around and create a new energetic vibe in your palace.

Movement is being alive. It is what life is all about. Ever moving and ever changing. Movement is freeing, opening, changing, shifting and in movement is where you have the power for action.

Movement shifts energies! And since you are energy, movement shifts you to wherever you want to go and vibrate your wonderful energy!

Happy movement to you!

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