365 Days of Happiness – May 19, 2017

Invite your joy and indulge in your joyous feelings!

When life gets fast and furious, we tend to lower our heads to push and pull through in order to get it all done. Sometimes that is exactly what is needed, because it is the way of least resistance in that moment. As an example: If you get your project based job done quickly, then you can relax sooner and can get payed faster, which creates a situation of least resistance. Versus you don’t get your job done quickly and don’t get payed soon, which creates huge resistance.

But sometimes we slip into the “push and pull through” attitude because of our old believes. Those can sound something like “You have to be busy or you seem lazy. You always have to work hard. Never give up, no matter what.” Getting things done while you are in the frequency of these old believes only creates more resistance. Because it is not your truth! Whereas pausing, finding your joy first and then getting it done while you are in your frequency of joy, will create a space of least resistance.

But it would be exhausting to always ask yourself what mode (least resistance or most resistance) you are in when pushing and pulling through. So instead, make it your absolute priority to tune into your joy and consciously feel it before starting to push and pull through. And if you realize that you are already deep in the midst of pushing and pulling, just take a minute to pause, tune into your joy and then get back to business.

Here are some ways to tune into your joy:

Become aware of your joy when it catches you by surprise because it got sparked by something or someone around you. When this happens really acknowledge it, feel it and celebrate it big.

Consciously create it by thinking, seeing, hearing, tasting or touching something or someone that initiates your joy. You are in charge of this joy creating power.

Or create it by asking yourself “What would give me joy right now?” And then follow your given answer with determination and do whatever it takes for you to feel your joy.

And of course, creating joy for others and enjoying their joyous feelings is the greatest way to invite your joy into your presence.

Joy, joyous, joyously, joyousness, joyou-lishiousness…

Anything with joy… Just make it happen and feel it!

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