365 Days of Happiness – May 17, 2017

Pick an adjective that feels spectacularly good for you today!

Say it to yourself as many times as you like and really feel how amazing it makes you feel! Next, think or say it in front of every possible word today and say it to others often. Really focus on hearing, seeing, and feeling it in everything and everyone you encounter.

Adjectives are energy, just like everything else is energy. And every energy vibrates in a certain frequency. And because everything is connected, picking and using an adjective will shift you to that certain energy, vibration and frequency of that adjective.

For example, I pick “sparkly”. Sparkly comes with the energy of festive, light, joyous, happy and magical. It vibrates in that elevated frequency of joy and happiness. And because I chose sparkly as my feel good adjective for the day, it is exactly the energetic nutrition I need for my day. So every time I think, say, hear, see or feel it, I refill myself with the energy of “sparkly” and shift to the frequency that “sparkly” vibrates in.

And there you have it, I am now the same energy as “sparkly”, vibrating in the frequency of all sparkles 🙂

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