365 Days of Happiness – May 16, 2017

Make your favorite “life-smoothie” for the day!

The word smoothie carries the energy of soft, comfort, treat, sunshine, creative, healthy and happy. So thinking about a smoothie and using this word to create your happiness is already a win.

And just as you might like a different food-smoothie (fruit, green, chocolate) depending on the day, you also desire a different life-smoothie every new day.

Because every new day is different and you have different desires. Life is an ever changing experience! And if you stay with this opportunistic changing flow, you automatically shift into a flowing ever changing being. How cool is that!

So let’s go back to your life-smoothie. Ask yourself “What do I desire today? What goes into my life-smoothie for today?” Think about what feelings, colors, activities, foods and drinks.

  • Love? Fun? Success? Peace? Sweetness? Grounding? Lightness? Power?
  • Red? Blue? Yellow? Green?
  • Reading? Bubble Bath? Sauna? Exercise? Music, dancing? Meditating? Sleep?
  • Water? Tea? Veggies, salad? Meat, fish? Bread? Cheese? Desert? Spicy?

Think in detail about what feels good for your day and start putting it into your blender. You can either visualize your blender and think or say aloud what you desire, or you can put it on paper with drawing your blender or writing a list. Choose what is most fun for you and makes you smile.

And then enthusiastically hit the blend button and fill yourself with this perfect “life-smoothie” you just created for you. Feel this!

If you do this first thing in the morning, I guarantee that you set the tone for a magnificent new day! And during your day, you will get reminded by your inner guide of what went into your perfect life-smoothie, so you can stay true to your desires all day long.

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