365 Days of Happiness – May 15, 2017

“I allow everyone to be as they are, and everything to be as it is! And then I shift towards what is mine and stay there to create my happiness.”

That is your ticket to your freedom! Because only your thoughts, feelings and reactions are your part in the co-creation with everyone and everything. And it is also the only part where your power for change lays. Everything else is not yours to conquer.

Separating what is yours from what is not yours also pulls you back to yourself. And from there you can dive into “I accept, respect, thank and love all that is mine.” Doing so releases any resistance you might have towards anyone or anything. And being resistance free means you shift to the amazing opportunity to understand, heal and clean yourself through what is going on for you. With that the possibilities of change are limitless.

So when you catch yourself and your feelings in someone else’s territory, say “I allow everyone to be as they are, and everything to be as it is.” Say it with infinite love and gratitude. Now feel all this freeing wonderfulness filling you. And then say “I accept, respect, thank and love everything that is mine.” Beautiful!

Stay in this free space of yours and know that right now is your perfect time to shift yourself into your “high for life” frequency.

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