365 Days of Happiness – May 12, 2017

The perfect time to practice leaving something or everything “non fitting” behind, is in that moment when you are in a building and about to leave through the door to go outside.

Because energetically, the process of deciding to be done there, stepping through the door and leave whatever there is behind, is already running on the information/programming of letting go and moving on.

Think about it…

First you decide to leave the building because you are done there, you don’t need what’s there anymore. For example, your appointment at the hair salon is done, you finished your coffee at the cafe, finished grocery shopping at the store or you are done with work. It is time to move on!

Then you find the exit and step through the door into the outside, which is the new and the fresh.

And once you are on the other side of the door, it closes behind you. Sometimes it closes so fast that it almost hits you in the behind, to get things finished asap.

And at last you keep walking and move on.

So here is how you use this amazing healing opportunity…

Every time you decide that you are done somewhere and are about to walk through the exit door, choose something or everything that does not fit you anymore. This can be a heavy thought, a heartache, anger or sadness, really anything that is keeping you from feeling your “high for life”. Pull whatever it is into your awareness for a second, and then consciously leave it behind when you step through that door. Great job! The door just closed on you, keep going and move on. You are now light and free to be in your “high for life” frequency!

Take one door at a time!

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