365 Days of Happiness – May 4, 2017

Look for the “feel good” part in everything!

We all experience situations that don’t feel good. And that is OK, because when you know what does not feel good, you also know what does feel good. Which means that there is no need to dislike or push away a “not feel good” situation, because it brings great clarity. Instead you can simply accept, respect, thank and love it for what it is. Doing so clears any resistance you might have towards a situation. And where there is no resistance there is only magic.

The fact that something does or does not feel good is very personal. You have the power and are in charge to decide for yourself how it feels to you. In short, “feeling good” is true to yourself and “not feeling good” is not true to yourself.

So here we go…

You have a situation that you decide does not feel good to you. You feel it as “not good” and are fully aware of it. Powerful!

Then you shift into “I accept, respect, thank and love it for what it is”. That means you gain clarity and are resistance free.

Next you look for something in that situation that feels good and you shift your entire focus to that. Which means that the “feeling good” gets bigger and bigger, all the way to ginormous.

And from there you can create change.

I promise you that every “not feeling good” situation has a “feel good” part as well. Yes, sometimes it is so tiny that you have to whip out a microscope to find it. But it is there!

And if you really can’t find it don’t panic, just go create the “feel good” part yourself, with making a magical cup of tea, enjoying a delicious piece of chocolate or indulging in a lip-smacker glass of wine. Become a  professional “feel good” creator!

Shifting your entire focus to any “feel good” part will ensure that you are vibrating in an elevated frequency. And that is where you can create changes for your life that are true to yourself and your desires.

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