365 Days of Happiness – May 1, 2017

Celebrate the warrior in you!

Everyone has a personal warrior energy that is fitting and feels good. When you shift to your warrior energy, you feel strong, confident and powerful. You know that you are infinite and limitless.

The easiest way to shift to your warrior energy is through meditation, visualization and exercise.

  • Meditate to feel your warrior strength and stay with it.
  • Visualize yourself hiking up a mountain with super strength, and then standing on top of the mountain, feel your warrior that just conquered this mountain.
  • Lift weights and feel your super warrior strength arise with weight exercise.

Another fun way is to pick a historical warrior that impresses you. Or find a warrior within a book or movie you like. It can be a famous warrior or an unknown warrior that lives in your neighborhood. Any person that shifts you to feeling the warrior in them is perfect, because feeling it in them shifts you to feeling it in you. After all, we are all connected and the same!

And last but not least, talk to your warrior! Phrases like “I can do this!”, “I got this!”, “I am a warrior!” are all great mantras to say to yourself and others, in order to shift to your personal warrior energy.

Enjoy your warrior and go conquer with extraordinariness!

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