365 Days of Happiness – April 27, 2017

What would still be there, if you would pour your whole life into a colander? Just like you pour cooked pasta plus cooking water, olive oil and salt into a colander.

What part of your life would be your pasta to keep and to deliciously devour, and what would be your cooking water, olive oil and salt going down the drain?

Using the sifting qualities of a colander and then imagine pouring your whole life into it, will initiate clarity in your life. You might know instantly what is what. If not, you can make a list with two columns, one for pasta and one for down the drain. If you like, you could add on a third column called garbage disposal, for the things in your life you really want to get out of the way.

This exercise brings out what makes you happy and is delicious to live. All other, know that it served you once, just like the pasta water, olive oil and salt served the pasta to cook perfectly, but it is no longer needed. So with gratitude imagine letting it go down the drain and if needed use the garbage disposal.

Now go on and shift into those changes that you are so clear about.

Spring cleaning, or better “draining” at its best!

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