365 Days of Happiness – April 26, 2017

Make being happy and constantly shifting yourself back to happiness your main focus today!

Happiness comes in different shapes, sizes and ways. Taking a deep healing breath, smelling the scent of a cup of tea, giving or receiving a smile, spinning your body in circles, laughing with others, lighting a candle, enjoying a glass of wine, shopping, planning a trip… This is all happiness!

If it makes you feel good, it is happiness. Or if you can find something that makes you feel good in a situation, it is happiness. For example, if drinking a cup of tea makes you feel good, it is happiness. And if cleaning your house is not your favorite thing to do, but once you are finished you feel good to be in your clean house, it is happiness.

Make being happy a natural and easy state of being. Because if it is hard work it creates resistance and is no fun. The easiest way to do that is to leave the asking of why, how and what out. And rather fully accept, respect, thank and love what is happening for you. And then open yourself wide to receive, see, feel and hear all that happiness that is there for you 24 hours a day.

Happiness is never “not” there, and will never “not” be there! The presence of happiness is guaranteed at all times!

You are here in this beautiful physical experience called life to be happy, joyful and fly high with your feelings. That is your reason!

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