365 Days of Happiness – April 24, 2017

It is not about what you get done, it is about how you get it done!

If you push through your to-do list, things turn into “I have to!” That shifts you into your robot mode, where you are running on your subconscious. That means your thoughts and reactions go on autopilot and run on your old recordings. These old recordings are not yours, they are the recordings of others (Mom, Dad, family members and others) that you heard when you were little. Most don’t serve you at all.

The trick is to get stuff done while staying in your conscious, which is your now. In your conscious is where you are in charge to create new recordings and make it fit for you right now. And in your conscious you can choose to get things done in a happy, joyful, loving and peaceful way.

How do you do that? You need to take little check-in breaks.

Think about it, even the wash machine takes little breaks and slow-down moments while in the cycle of washing your clothes. It suddenly turns very slow or even stops for a few seconds before spinning like crazy again. That is because in order to get the laundry really clean, it needs to slow down for a minute and soak. Not to mention, it probably would break down if it would spin like crazy for the whole cycle.

Or take the garbage truck, it slows down its work process when the garbage cans are emptied into it. It takes a minute to digest this, to work on what it just received. If it would not take that minute, it would clog up and stop working.

It is the same for you! No matter how strong you are, wash machine or garbage truck like tough… In order to get stuff done in a healthy and happy way, you need to take little breaks and slow-down moments for yourself, so you can make sure to reconnect to your conscious and your heart as you go.

These little slow-down moments can be simple and short. For example, breathe deep a few times, stretch your body, make a dance move, smile at yourself in the mirror, breathe in some essential oils, enjoy a tea or a candy. Or looking and focusing on your hands does the trick too, because your hands are always doing something in the now.

Your check-in moments can also be deep, thoughtful and longer. For example, ask yourself many times a day “Am I happy right now?” If yes, indulge into your happiness and keep going. If no, take it further and ask “What would make me happy right now?” Follow the instructions you get and keep going in your day.

Important is to pull yourself into a slower spin or a complete pause many times a day, so you can adjust yourself back to your conscious, because that is where your power to choose happiness lays.

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