365 Days of Happiness – April 22, 2017

Claim and fold into your sweet self!

Focus on all the sweetness around you today. Sweetness exists in people’s faces, children smiles, loving interactions, flowers, nature sounds and smells, music, colors and of course foods, desserts and drinks.

Become aware of everything and everyone around you that shifts you to thinking and feeling “sweetness”.

Indulge in sweet tastes with foods and drinks. Really take your time tasting and feeling their sweetness. This will shift you to “sweetness’.

Look at honey, watch it flow and be all sticky with sweetness. Just watching it will shift you to think and feel “sweetness”.

Use sweet words in all conversations today and make sweet compliments. This will shift you to “sweetness”.

Play around and be creative in thinking, tasting, hearing, saying, seeing and feeling “sweetness”.

Once you feel it, stay in this elevated sweet feeling, experience it all the way. And then imagine filling every cell of yourself with it.

With doing so, you connect to and nurture your sweet self! Because experiencing the sweetness of others, means you feel your sweetness in you. The feeling is in you!


Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Make it a sweet Day!

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