365 Days of Happiness – April 21, 2017

Your garden is not my garden! And my garden is not your garden!

Imagine that in the morning you create your garden for your day. You plant it with your thoughts, your intentions, your wishes, dreams and your to-do list. Put everything you got into your gardening skills and make it a spectacular garden for you to enjoy all day long.

If during your day, you catch yourself far away from your thoughts, intentions, wishes, dreams and your to-do list, know that you are not in your garden anymore. At some point you left your garden and entered someone else’s garden. And that someone else got up that morning and filled their garden with their thoughts, intentions, wishes, dreams and to-do list too.

Sometimes someone else’s garden looks and feels amazing. If so and with their consent, it’s OK to visit their beautiful garden, hang out, sit down, put your feet up and even take a nap there for a while. It is also OK to look around there and find inspirations you can copy into your garden. But there comes a time, when it is right to say “Thank you for having me”, and then return home into your garden. Overstaying creates a disconnect with yourself.

If someone else’s garden does not look or feel good, don’t enter. Stay in your garden and talk to them over your fence. That way your reactions will be true to yourself. If you already entered their garden, acknowledge this and bow out with gratitude for what you learned. Then leave to go back home into your garden. If you must, run back home.

Being in your garden means that you can always garden it to fit you. You can rearrange it, plant new stuff, throw the old out and you can play with your creativity. You are in charge in your garden! And let’s face it, your garden is the only one you can ever garden in anyways.

Create your dream garden every day, indulge in its beauty and inspire others to get gardening too.

One garden at a time!

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