365 Days of Happiness – April 20, 2017

Everyone knows how healing and “heart-energy” activating hugs are. Hugs are truly magical!

Today I want to take you on a hug adventure. One that will spark your imagination and add very potent feelings to your already healing hugs.

Imagine you get to pick an animal that you always wanted to hug, but normally is not possible. Pick one that would absolutely make your day the most spectacular ever. Today this could be a lion and tomorrow it could be a baby kitty. That is fine, because your pick changes with what you need for your day.

Now imagine your animal in its full glorious beauty right in front of you. Wow! Consciously see, hear and feel its energy. For example, if it’s a lion feel the majestic power, if it’s a baby kitty feel the gentleness and softness. Breathe and feel this deeply! Now slowly move closer, and hug your animal. Notice the healing energy this hug creates. Keep hugging as long as you wish and breathe deeply. Fill every cell of your body with this delicious and potent energy.

Know that with this imaginary hugging adventure, you gave yourself exactly what you needed for your day. For example, if you chose a lion, you needed to be shifted into your majestic power. If you chose a baby kitty, you needed to be shifted into your gentle soft side.

And because you hugged an animal that normally you can’t hug, this counts as an adventure. And that adventure feeling added higher potency and a “wow” spark to your already healing hug.

Imagination at its best!

2 Replies to “365 Days of Happiness – April 20, 2017”

  1. I love this idea. I’ve been doing it every day since I read your post. It is particularly interesting to see what different animals come to mind each day — and the different feelings they provide. So cool! Thank you for this new experience.

  2. Thank you Vicki for your feedback. It is wonderful to hear that this resonates with you. And yes, the difference in animals that come to mind each day are incredible. After a while you will have created a whole Zoo for yourself 🙂 This is an amazing way to give yourself exactly what you need every day. Happy that you take advantage of this adventure. With blessings and love for you.

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