365 Days of Happiness – April 17, 2017

Start a truthful and honest relationship with your jealousy and accept what it is telling you!

Your jealousy is personal. You can’t share jealousy with others. If you are jealous, you can’t make someone else jealous too. But if you are angry, sad or happy, you can make someone else angry, sad or happy too. Jealousy is not shareable.

Your jealousy is your pure truth and insight into what you want and need to do for yourself to be happy. Your jealousy brings you closest to your clarity of what you desire.

So if you are stuck and don’t know what you want, just find what you are jealous for. Because what you are jealous for is what you want.

As an exercise, take a minute and feel what you are jealous for right now. Really feel your jealousies. Indulge and bathe in them, because they are your guides to your desires.

If you catch yourself being jealous, don’t judge yourself or others. Actually thank the person, situation or thing for mirroring you your jealousy. Then accept the truth and guidance your jealousy is gifting you, and take action to follow your desires.

This is jealousy felt and celebrated as an energy that vibrates in a high frequency!

Happy jealous-ing!

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