365 Days of Happiness – April 14, 2017

Everyone has wishes, dreams and desires!

Holding them hidden suppresses a huge part of you and creates resistance, because in your heart you know what your wish, dream and desire is. You might be able to put it in the backseat in your mind, but in your heart it stays upfront, to keep you true to yourself. That unbalance can show up as unease in your physical body.

On the contrary, constantly focusing and sending your wishes, dreams and desires out into the universe will pull you into your elevated frequency of truthfulness, gratefulness, hope, trust, excitement, happiness and love. Because that is what your wishes, dreams and desires are made of.

So let’s send them out!

Imagine a super sized balloon that you get to fill with all your wishes, dreams and desires. Think, say, feel and visualize them all and fill your huge balloon of your chosen color. Open up your flood gate and keep filling like you can’t stop wishing, dreaming and desiring ever again. Wish for your personal desires, wish for other people’s desires you know of. And wish for earth’s so desperate desire of peace, hope, trust, kindness, love, healing and happiness… Fill your super balloon to the brim! Feel this!

Then with a smile, tie it and let it fly high up into the sky. Knowing with excitement that once it is at the perfect height, it will pop and shower you and the whole world in your wishes, dreams and desires.

Think about it, you are showering yourself and the world with truth, gratefulness, hope, trust, excitement, happiness and love.

And imagine what happens, if we all fill our balloons once a day, let them fly and pop. We elevate the energy of the world and create a shift to a high frequency of love and light in everything.

All it takes is your full balloon and your openness to show the world your wishes, dreams and desires!

I promise you, you will inspire others to fill and pop their balloons too.

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