365 Days of Happiness – April 13, 2017

Start a close, loving and nurturing relationship with your sadness.

Imagine that everyone has a love tank. It is where you store your love for yourself, for others, for your life and for everything. That love tank naturally changes its level, flowing up and down in harmony. Of course up high and into the overflow is the most elevated state you can be in.

Your sadness is a true indicator that your love tank is low or maybe even empty. Think that your sadness is like the gas meter in your car, it is reminding you that it is time to refill again.

The first step to refill is to respond to your sadness with acceptance, respect, thankfulness and love. Say or think to your sadness “I accept you as my reminder, I respect you as my “love-tank meter”, I thank you for watching over me and I love you to the moon and back.” That pulls your sadness closer to you and shifts your relationship with your sadness from “being sad is wrong” to “being sad is a healthy part of me.”

The next step is to have a conversation with your sadness and ask what you need. Listen with your heart wide open, your sadness always knows. Is it a nice cup of tea, a healing hug, yoga and meditation, a walk in nature, a comforting meal, a trip to the massage-beauty salon, a festive outing or a vacation that you are in need of? Or would serving others fill your love tank?

Follow what your sadness is guiding you to do, because that is how you are filling your love tank up high. Don’t hold back and let it overflow! The most magical experience is when you bathe in your love and shower everything and everyone around you with your overflow.

Sadness reminds you to be more gentle, carrying, patient and loving to yourself and everything around you. Believing that changes sadness into an energy that vibrates in a high frequency and that is where all the magic is.

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