365 Days of Happiness – April 1, 2017

Look for sparkles everywhere today! Sparkles in water drops, sparkles in sunshine and the sky, sparkles in stores and in your home, sparkles in people’s eyes and kids, sparkles in make up and clothes, sparkles in food and drinks, sparkles in and on yourself, sparkles on flowers and animals… I promise, you will see a sparkling world if you focus on it. Sparkles initiate a magical, lighthearted and happy feeling. Feel it, stay in it and fill yourself with it. You will sparkle from the inside out and it will make you smile. Then continue on your sparkle mission. Become a sparkle-ologist! Enjoy this shift to your “high for life” feeling! 
Tomorrow is Sun-Day! Read through all the 365 Days of Happiness blogs of this week and practice them all in one day! You will shift to a happiness overflow, which enchants your world. ❤

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