365 Days of Happiness – March 30, 2017

Your heart is the most powerful energy producing organ you have. It is stronger than your brain. And the heart with your heart Chakra is where the most powerful energy-vibration is produced and felt. Yes, it’s LOVE! Love is the mother of all other high vibrational feelings like joy, happiness, gratitude. Where there is love nothing low vibrational can exist. Which makes “Love” towards everything and everyone the answer for everything and everyone. No exceptions. And because everything and everyone is connected, you have to love it all in order to experience unconditional love for yourself. And feeling unconditional love for yourself creates more unconditional love for everything. It comes into full circle. So let’s activate your heart energy, feel it, focus on it and make it infinite, so you shift yourself into a frequency of love and light. Shall we? Focus on your heart and heart chakra, if needed put your hand there. Breathe and feel your heart and heart chakra. Say “I am unconditional love!” Breathe and feel your heart energy. You might feel tingling and your heart opening up, feel whatever you feel freely and breathe. To feel the difference, say “I am angry”, and feel how your heart energy immediately closes and hardens. Now say “I am unconditional love”, and feel your heart energy tingling and open up again. Practice this contrast a few times to really feel the difference. Let’s get back and say “I am unconditional love!” Feel it and breathe. Now let that feeling become wide and spread it in your whole body, into all of your organs and cells. Feel this and breathe. Now play with it, swish it from side to side in your body, let it dance inside of you, whatever feels good. Feel this and breathe. Now let it spread beyond your body, touching everyone and everything around you. Feel this and breathe. Now spread it further and further, send it all around the world into the infinite and then back to you. Feel that and breathe! That is your heart energy, the frequency of Love, where you can access your meaning of existence and your deepest inner being, which is love and light. Hope I just touched your heart with this! ❤❤❤

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