365 Days of Happiness – March 29, 2017

Remember that feeling as a child, when you just got so excited? You squeezed your shoulders together, made little fists in front of your chest, pulled your chin down and were shaking of excitement. And you got a huge smile or grin on your face and felt “over the moon” excited and happy. Well that is what you want to re-create and re-feel today! There are different ways to do that. One is to re-live and re-feel one of your childhood moments when you felt like that. Visualize yourself in that moment and feel your “over the moon” excitement, stay with it, make it bigger and bigger and fill yourself with it. Another way is to simply squeeze your shoulders together, make fists in front of your chest, pull your chin in, then smile or grin and create that excitement in you. Think your excitement, feel it and say “I am so over the moon excited.” Stay with this feeling and build it up, make it bigger and bigger. And fill yourself with it. Doing this in front of a mirror and watching yourself doubles the effect. Important is to focus on the “over the moon” excitement feeling, less on what exactly you are excited about. The most amazing part is when you are excited just because… Not attached to anything, your “over the moon” excitement just IS. Feel this elevated feeling of excitement and happiness often, make it your way of experiencing. And enjoy how your surroundings shift with you. 

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