365 Days of Happiness – March 27, 2017

Clean your body, mind and spirit with breathing. Imagine breathing in light of any color of your choice, I choose white light for my day today. Fill yourself to the brim with this colored, high vibrational healing light. Stay with that feeling. And then breathe out all self doubt, self criticism, self hate, self disrespect and unloving beliefs you have towards yourself. Pick one unloving belief for every breath out, or bundle them all up together. What ever feels good to you. Breathe it out, let it go. And stay with that feeling. Then breathe in your colored light again. Fill yourself to the brim with it and stay with that feeling. Pick another unloving belief or the whole bundle and breathe it out, let it go. Stay with that feeling. Keep practicing this gentle healing and cleansing method many times during your day. Staying clean vibrationally shifts you to an elevated vibrational space, and that is where pure self love and pure happiness exists. That is where the magic sits ❤

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