365 Days of Happiness – March 22, 2017

Fall in love with everything today! Start with falling in love with this new day and all the magic that is coming your way. Just imagine all that IS today… Fall in love with yourself and your sacred body, pamper yourself and feel the love. Fall in love with everything that goes into your body, start a love affair with what you drink and eat. Fall in love with the ground of every step you make, feel the nourishment it gives you. Fall in love with all the sounds around you, close your eyes and hear all life there is. Fall in love with everyone you encounter today, see them in their bright light they really are. Fall in love with your laughter, laugh often and really hear your sound of happiness. Fall consciously in love with all the good in your life, really feel it. And fall in love with all the non fitting in your life, celebrate the clarity you gained because of it. Fall in love with all that annoys you, love the contrast and spice it brings into your adventurous life. Fall in love with everything! Make falling in love your purpose. And show the ones you love that you have fallen in love with them ❤ 

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