365 Days of Happiness – March 20, 2017

Embrace feeling everything fully and completely, especially what makes you feel good. Most of the times we hold back feeling fully. We go a certain length with feeling something and then we stop because of many reasons. Where we stop is not even half way of feeling something fully and completely. You are here in this physical experience to feel fully and completely and to experience everything in life fully and completely. And through all these experiences of different feelings you can make choices of what you want to feel fully and completely, and what you rather just feel for a little. You decide and you are in charge. Knowing that, don’t hold back anymore, dive into your feelings and stay with them all the way. For example, something makes you smile today, don’t stop at feeling smiling, let this high vibrational feeling unfold and grow in you. Feel it in every stage in you. I promise you that it will take you on a “high for life”. For feelings in the low vibrations like anger and frustration, feel them, because they are a gift and a part of you, but don’t feel them all the way, rather at some point shift back to where you want to be, which is “feeling good and happiness!” Enjoy!

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