365 Days of Happiness – March 14, 2017

Breathe in and breathe out! You might say “I do it already and anyways.” That is correct, we do this automatically. It’s just something we do while doing other very important stuff like working, eating, sleeping and living our day. But think about it, breathing is pure energy, breathing is life, breathing is one of the most powerful things we do. Breathing holds healing, happiness, cleansing, awakening, peace, love and all other high emotional vibrations. You can literally breathe yourself to shift into a high emotional state, where happiness, health, joy, abundance and all other good feelings exist. Try this multiple times a day: Feel yourself breathing in and out. It might feel like tingling, it might feel peaceful or energizing. It might bring a smile, it might bring tears. You might feel your vibrational inner source, spreading wide, moving in vibrational waves or becoming one with everything. Whatever you feel is right for you, it’s just what you need, let it happen and embrace it. You can also breathe with intention, for example, breathe in love and breathe out heaviness. If you have pain, breathe healing into your pain. If you need a pick me up, breathe dancing into you. Play around with your breath and be creative with breathing. Most of all celebrate your breath and breathing, it is pure energy, available for you to use and shift yourself to what you need. Practicing awareness while breathing is your direct pathway to happiness.

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