365 Days of Happiness – March 13, 2017

“Beautiful” is your word to practice happiness today. Close your eyes and say “Beautiful”. Feel how beautiful that feels, how it lightens you and feel how your heart opens when you say or think it. You can add it to everything you say today. “I am beautiful, this tea is beautiful, my job is beautiful, this time is beautiful…” And you can say it to everyone and everything you encounter today. “You are beautiful, this situation is beautiful…” Say it out loud or think it, this is as much an inside job as it is an outside job. Practicing this will lift you into a high vibrational state, because the word beautiful is high vibrational. You will also shift your believe to “beauty” and fill every single cell of your body with beauty. And that is when healing happens. If you say it to others, you make them feel beautiful and that lifts them into a high vibrational state as well. Which they will spread and share with you, because we are all connected. Happiness exists in a high vibrational state.

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